Sydney R Green

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RATIONALE Intensive care unit (ICU)-based randomized clinical trials (RCTs) among adult critically ill patients commonly fail to detect treatment benefits. OBJECTIVES Appraise the rates of success, outcomes used, statistical power, and design characteristics of published trials. METHODS One hundred forty-six ICU-based RCTs of diagnostic, therapeutic, or(More)
The RNA-binding domain of the protein kinase DAI, the double-stranded RNA inhibitor of translation, contains two repeats of a motif that is also found in a number of other RNA-binding proteins. This motif consists of 67 amino acid residues and is predicted to contain a positively charged alpha helix at its C terminus. We have analyzed the effects of(More)
The interferon-induced, dsRNA-activated human protein kinase (PKR) exerts antiviral and antiproliferative effects through inhibition of protein synthesis. Studies of structure-function relationships in PKR have shown that two dsRNA binding motifs are important for its autophosphorylation and activation by dsRNA in vitro. To correlate these findings with the(More)
Brain dead organ donors are the principal source of transplantable organs. However, it is controversial whether brain death is the same as biological death. Therefore, it is unclear whether organ removal in brain death is consistent with the 'dead donor rule', which states that organ removal must not cause death. Our aim was to evaluate the public's opinion(More)
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