Sydney R. Archer

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Recently synthesized compounds which have long-term mu antagonist activity and short-term kappa agonist effects prevent self-administration of cocaine and morphine in rats. Cyclazocine, a compound synthesized in 1962 and studied in animals and man in the 1960's and in the early 1970's is a mu antagonist in rats and man and is a potent kappa agonist in both(More)
Two cases of devastating fetal malformations associated with vanished monochorionic twins were identified upon review of pathology files. A 35-year-old G1P0 woman and 36-year-old G3P1 woman were both diagnosed with an intrauterine twin gestation via transvaginal ultrasound at 10 weeks. The spectrum of fetal anomalies ranged from omphalocele, bilateral upper(More)
This study aimed to determine the current percentage of United States (U.S.) assisted reproductive technology (ART) clinics offering sex selection via pre-implantation genetic screening (PGS) for non-medical purposes. The authors conducted website review and telephone interview survey of 493 U.S. ART clinics performing in vitro fertilization (IVF) in 2017.(More)
We describe two occurrences of nontrophoblastic mesenchymal tumors of the placenta. The first placental tumor was found along the placental margin, and the second was identified close to the insertion of the fetal membranes along the placental disc. Microscopically both lesions demonstrated bland fibroblastic cells with intricate vasculature and(More)
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