Sydney H Stein

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Prostaglandins, particularly those of the E series, are widely regarded as immunosuppressive products of eukaryotic cells that can downregulate many aspects of B- and T-cell function. In this article, Richard Phipps and colleagues present a different concept of E series prostaglandins, based on recent evidence supporting a role for prostaglandins as(More)
This investigation was undertaken to determine the intra- and inter-examiner reliability of the method of stimulation for bleeding used in the Eastman interdental bleeding index. 26 subjects were examined twice, 1 h apart, by either a single examiner or 2 examiners in each half of their mouths, for the presence bleeding after stimulation with a wooden(More)
Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM) is a risk factor for periodontitis. Depressed neutrophil chemotaxis has been demonstrated in IDDM and in early-onset periodontitis (EOP). HLA-DR antigens are associated with both IDDM and periodontitis. This investigation sought to determine an association of HLA-DR3, -DR4, and -DR53 with impaired neutrophil(More)
INTRODUCTION Cardiovascular deconditioning apparently progresses with flight duration, resulting in a greater incidence of orthostatic intolerance following long-duration missions. Therefore, we anticipated that the proportion of astronauts who could not complete an orthostatic tilt test (OTT) would be higher on landing day and the number of days to recover(More)
Increased levels of cytokines and prostanoids have been detected in inflamed gingival tissue and may play an important role in periodontal pathogenesis. Recent studies suggest that monocytic products, such as interleukin (IL)-1 beta, could stimulate IL-6 production by human gingival fibroblasts (HGF). In this context, the production of local cytokines and(More)
The objective of this research was to determine the effectiveness of a biochemical assay which measures proteolytic enzyme activity in gingival crevicular fluid (GCF) and to relate this enzyme activity to clinical parameters traditionally utilized for periodontitis detection. A clinical trial was conducted on 8 periodontitis subjects with > or =4 sites(More)
This study compared the efficacy of an antimicrobial mouthrinse (0.12% chlorhexidine gluconate) plus toothbrushing (mouthrinse group), mechanical interdental cleaning plus toothbrushing (mechanical group), and toothbrushing alone (control group), at reducing and preventing interdental gingival inflammation. 92 male subjects were examined for interdental(More)
Lymphoid cells from most inbred mouse strains respond to amphotericin B (AmB)-induced immunostimulation. However, C57BL/6 mice and related strains display low or absent lymphoid cell stimulation by AmB and enhanced susceptibility to AmB toxicity. Experiments reported here show that in vitro incubation with AmB can stimulate AKR (AmB-high responder strain)(More)
Previous studies have shown that type I diabetes (IDDM) increases the risk of developing periodontitis by 2-3-fold. IDDM patients exhibit destruction of the pancreatic beta cells, most probably caused by an autoimmune reaction. Evidence is accumulating to support the role of the autoimmune response in periodontal pathogenesis. A cytokine, interleukin(More)