Sydney Goddard

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Four experiments used a preferential looking method to investigate 6-month-old infants' capacity to represent numerosity in visual-spatial displays. Building on previous findings that such infants discriminate between arrays of eight versus 16 discs, but not eight versus 12 discs (Xu & Spelke, 2000), Experiments 1 and 2 investigated whether infants'(More)
Valid data are required to make climate assessments and to make climate-related decisions. The objective of this paper is threefold: to introduce an explicit treatment of Type I and Type II errors in evaluating the performance of quality assurance procedures, to illustrate a quality control approach that allows tailoring to regions and subregions, and to(More)
Fourteen polymorphic microsatellites with perfect di-, tri-, and tetra-nucleotide repeats were identified for Panulirus homarus using Roche 454 whole-genome sequencing method. Microsatellites were efficiently co-amplified in four multiplexes and a singleplex, providing consistent and easily interpretable genotypes. The number of alleles per locus ranged(More)
Of the various spiny lobster species in the tropical and subtropical Indo-West Pacific region, the tropical scalloped spiny lobster (Panulirus homarus) supports one of the most commercially valuable fishery resources in many coastal African and Asian countries. The last decade has witnessed a serious decline in the wild populations of this species.(More)
The effect of missing data can result in errors that exhibit temporal and spatial patterns in climatological and meteorological research applications. Many climate related tools perform best with a serially complete dataset (SCD). To support the National Agricultural Decision Support System (NADSS), a SCD with no missing data values for daily temperature(More)
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