Sydney Cohen

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A method is proposed for measuring on the bench the NMR signal-to-noise ratio of rf probes, (over the range 1-100 MHz) and also the power deposited in patients during the imaging experiment. The technique is based on the principle of reciprocity, in that a direct relationship exists between the magnetic field generated (upon transmission) by a matched probe(More)
We have previously used chlorophyll fluorescence measurements at Fmax conditions (i.e. with Photosystem II electron acceptor QA reduced) to monitor the action of 9,10-anthraquinones on photosynthetic electron transport in plant chloroplasts. The present investigation employs two additional techniques to characterize the extent of electron transport(More)
Materials with core-shell structures have distinct properties that lend themselves to a variety of potential applications. Characterization of small particle core-shell materials presents a unique analytical challenge. Herein, single particles of solid-state materials with core-shell structures were measured using on-line aerosol time-of-flight mass(More)
Tebore, an almost 500 pound Bengal tiger (subspecies of the Siberian tiger) is a star attraction at a small, private children’s zoo in Visalia, California. This beautiful tiger, with its characteristic bright coloured fur is frequently taken on ‘field trips’ to primary schools where he is petted and hugged by children, including mentally-retarded children.(More)
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