Sydnei Mitidieri

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Ureases (EC are nickel-dependent metalloenzymes that catalyze the hydrolysis of urea to ammonia and carbon dioxide. Produced by plants, fungi and bacteria, but not by animals, ureases share significant homology and similar mechanisms of catalysis, although differing in quaternary structures. While fungal and plant ureases are homo-oligomeric(More)
There is a wide range of biotechnological applications for amylases, including the textile, pharmaceutical, food and laundry industries. Hydrolytic enzymes are 100% biodegradable and enzymatic detergents can achieve effective cleaning with lukewarm water. Microorganisms and culture media were tested for amylase production and the best producer was(More)
Three bacterial strains have been isolated from soil in which soybean had been continuously cropped and treated with Opera(®), a fungicide containing epoxyconazole and pyraclostrobin. The three strains (1,805, 2,801 and 3,803), obtained from soil at 80-100 cm depth, were selected on medium containing 0.03% Opera(®). Morphological examination revealed that(More)
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