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Substantial knowledge has been gained in the pathological findings following naturally occurring spinal cord injury (SCI) in dogs and cats. The molecular mechanisms involved in failure of neural regeneration within the central nervous system, potential therapeutics including cellular transplantation therapy, neural plasticity, and prognostic indicators of(More)
Behavior, in its broadest definition, can be defined as the motor manifestation of physiologic processes. As such, all behaviors manifest through the motor system. In the fields of neuroscience and orthopedics, locomotion is a commonly evaluated behavior for a variety of disease models. For example, locomotor recovery after traumatic injury to the nervous(More)
This is the second of a 2-part review of spinal cord injury. The focus herein is to highlight recent findings regarding prognostic indicators used for spinal cord injury (SCI) in dogs, promote an awareness of the current recommendations of standard of care for traumatic spinal cord injury in veterinary medicine, and highlight the findings of clinical trials(More)
OBJECTIVE Although Chinook winds are often viewed positively during a cold prairie winter, patients suffering with neuropathic pain (NeP) anecdotally report exacerbations of NeP during Chinooks and during other weather changes. Our objective was to identify if Chinook winds lead to acute exacerbations in pain severity in a NeP patient population. DESIGN(More)
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