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Acquired hemophilia A is a severe bleeding disorder caused by an autoantibody to factor VIII. Previous reports have focused on referral center patients and it is unclear whether these findings are generally applicable. To improve understanding of the disease, a 2-year observational study was established to identify and characterize the presenting features(More)
Following in-patient psychiatric treatment under Section 3 of the Mental Health Act, some patients have in the past remained on Section after discharge, and subsequently the Section has been renewed while the patient remained 'on leave'. People treated thus with 'extended leave' probably resemble closely those who would be placed on a community treatment(More)
The aim of the present study was to validate a simple scoring system using a parent-completed screening questionnaire to identify children aged 5-15 yrs who may have asthma. A stratified random sample of 157 children of 1,808 whose parents had answered a postal respiratory questionnaire underwent detailed clinical evaluation. The results were reviewed by(More)
BACKGROUND The theory that airway remodeling and possible fixed asthma may result from failure to treat asthma airway inflammation highlights the importance of the early identification of patients with likely asthma. AIM To identify children with likely asthma whose condition is unknown to the medical services. STUDY Postal questionnaire survey. (More)
Several English consultant psychiatrists were asked to identify which patients currently under their care they would recommend for treatment with a community treatment order, if such a provision existed. The psychiatrists were asked to match each such 'nominated' patient for age, sex and diagnosis with one or two control patients, not considered to require(More)
BACKGROUND A large proportion of a general practitioner's (GP's) caseload comprises patients with mental health problems. It is important to ensure that care is provided appropriately, on the basis of clinical need. It is therefore necessary to investigate the determinants of the use of mental health care in the primary care sector and, in particular, to(More)
PURPOSE To use a neural network to rank a population according to individual likelihood of asthma based on their responses to a respiratory questionnaire. METHODS A final diagnosis of asthma can be made only after full clinical assessment but limited resources make it impossible to offer this to complete populations as part of a screening programme.(More)
Discrimination of braille configurations was performed better by the left hand of right-handed sighted children over age 10, paralleling a previous study in which the names of braille letters were learned. Left-hand superiority occurred sooner in males, but they were not better at the task than females, more of whom maintained a left-hand advantage as(More)
BACKGROUND There has been little available information regarding secular changes in the prevalence of respiratory symptoms since the mid-1990s. AIM To examine changes in the prevalence of respiratory symptoms for 1993-2001. DESIGN OF STUDY A series of postal questionnaire surveys. SETTING Two general practice populations, including all age groups. (More)