Syariza Abdul Rahman

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—In this paper, we combine graph coloring heuristics, namely largest degree and saturation degree with the concept of a heuristic modifier under the framework of squeaky wheel optimization for solving a set of examination timetabling problems. Both heuristics interact intelligently and adaptively determine the ordering of examinations to be processed during(More)
In this paper, we investigate an adaptive linear combinations of graph coloring heuristics with a heuristic modifier for solving the examination timetabling problem. We invoke a normalisation strategy for each parameter in order to generalise the specific problem data. Two graph coloring heuristics were used in this study (largest degree and saturation(More)
In this study, we investigate an adaptive decomposition strategy that automatically divides examinations into difficult and easy sets in constructing an examination timetable. The examinations in the difficult set are considered to be hard to place and hence are listed before the ones in the easy set. Moreover, examinations within each set are ordered using(More)
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