Syariffanor Hisham

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Dyslexia is a language-based learning disability resulting in people experiencing difficulties in reading, spelling, writing and speaking due to inability to differentiate sound components. These problems are sometimes accompanied by short-term memory difficulties, a lack of organizational skills and time management issues which all have an impact on(More)
As people age they will hold the same pattern of thinking, acting, communication style and behaviours which they learn from living in a specific social environment. Regardless of demographics and geographic differences, older adults share similar age-related changes in perception, cognition and mobility that profoundly affect their daily activities(More)
Eliciting user-requirements from older adults -- especially amongst non-users -- can be challenging. This is due to the fact that older adults are varied in term of their functional abilities and experience with technology. The common User-centered design (UCD) techniques such as focus group and interviews were found to be less effective with older adults.(More)
Identifying potentially dyslexics among Malaysian young adults could be a difficult task. This is due to lack of awareness about the impacts of dyslexia to young adults, and partly because of the current dyslexia awareness programs in Malaysia are mainly focused on the intervention program for children with dyslexia. Therefore, through this study an online(More)
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