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In this paper, the authors propose a small population based modified parallel particle swarm optimization (SPMPPSO) and its application to reduce computational time for motion estimation in video sequence. In motion estimation, initial search, search space, matching criteria, search parameter and step size are important aspect to predict the position of the(More)
In this paper, the authors propose a new evolutionary optimization i.e. synchronous bacterial foraging optimization (SBFO). The SBFO can be used for optimization of multimodal and high dimensional functions. It also enhances computational throughput and global search capability. The convergence of original BFO to the optimum value is very slow and its(More)
In bio-medical applications and wireless communication systems, the microstrip antennas are extensively used due to their low-profile feature and ease of fabrication. With recent advances in electromagnetic computer-aided design (CAD), the design of microstrip antenna has been benefited from the utilization of accurate numerical methods. Recently the(More)
Phenols are an important group of organic pollutants present in many industrial effluents such as petrochemicals , textiles, tanneries; gasification units etc. The phenols should not exceed 0.01µg/l, 1mg/l in drinking & in industrial waters, respectively. But in most of the cities the situation is alarming where the phenol concentrations are more often(More)
Soft computing applications to antenna design are becoming the potential solution provider as reflected from the number of papers published in various journals. Resonant frequency of rectangular microstrip antenna having various substrate thicknesses are generally calculated using the standard expressions presented in literatures. In this paper, hybridizing(More)
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