Syamal K Dana

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In a chain of mutually coupled oscillators, the coupling threshold for synchronization between the outermost identical oscillators decreases when a type of impurity (in terms of parameter mismatch) is introduced in the inner oscillator(s). The outer oscillators interact indirectly via dynamic relaying, mediated by the inner oscillator(s). We confirm this(More)
  • George Vanĕček, Dana S Nau, Raghu R Karinthi, George Vanecek, S Dana, Ragbu R Nau +2 others
  • 2013
In performing regularized set. operations on two solids, the most difficult step is boundary classification, in which the boundaries of each solid are split into portions that are inside, outside, or on the surface of the other solid. In this paper, we present a method for doing boundary classification on polyhedral solids and give measurements of the(More)
We report a design of delay coupling for targeting desired synchronization in delay dynamical systems. We target synchronization, antisynchronization, lag-and antilag-synchronization, amplitude death (or oscillation death), and generalized synchronization in mismatched oscillators. A scaling of the size of an attractor is made possible in different(More)
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