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We present a generalisation to ω2 of Baumgartner’s forcing for adding a CUB subset of ω1 with finite conditions. The following well-known result appears in Baumgartner, Harrington, Kleinberg [2]. For(More)
In this article we study the strength of Σ 1 3 absoluteness (with real parameters) in various types of generic extensions, correcting and improving some results from [2]. We shall also make some(More)
The method of forcing has had great success in demonstrating the relative consistency and independence of set-theoretic problems with respect to the traditional ZFC axioms, or to extensions of these(More)
Assume V = L. Let k be a regular cardinal and for X Qk let a(X) denote the least ordinal a such that ¿„[A"] is admissible. In this paper we characterize those ordinals of the form <x{X) using forcing(More)