Swetha Sunny Kurian

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An immunocytochemical technique, using l-tryptophan enhancement and paraformaldehyde fixation, has been successfully applied for the demonstration of serotonin-containing neurons in the human enteric nervous system. Throughout the intestine, serotonin-immunoreactive nerves were mainly detected in the myenteric plexus and, to a smaller extent, in the(More)
Lung innervation has been studied in the past by methylene blue staining and silver impregnation and more recently by histochemical methods. These techniques give only a partial picture of the total innervation. We have delineated the innervation of the lung in man and three other mammalian species by immunostaining with antibodies to two new markers of(More)
BACKGROUND Dental products are widely used by patients and dental personnel alike and may cause problems for both. Dental materials could cause contact allergy with varying manifestations such as burning, pain, stomatitis, cheilitis, ulcers, lichenoid reactions localized to the oral mucosa in patients, and hand dermatitis in dental personnel. Patch testing(More)
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