Swetha R Reddy

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RATIONALE Mechanical ventilation (MV) is an indispensable therapy for critically ill patients with acute lung injury and the adult respiratory distress syndrome. However, the mechanisms by which conventional MV induces lung injury remain unclear. OBJECTIVES We hypothesized that disruption of the gene encoding Nrf2, a transcription factor that regulates(More)
A case-case-control study was conducted to identify independent risk factors for recovery of Escherichia coli strains producing CTX-M-type extended-spectrum β-lactamases (CTX-M E. coli) within a large Southeastern Michigan medical center. Unique cases with isolation of ESBL-producing E. coli from February 2010 through July 2011 were analyzed by PCR for(More)
The present study investigates enzyme activities of the urea cycle, transamidinase and ornithine-proline inter-conversion in the hypertrophied kidney after unilateral nephrectomy in mice. Surgical removal of the left kidney in mice led to compensatory enlargement of the right kidney after 1 and 14 days. This renal growth was associated with an increase in(More)
The in vitro and in vivo effects of aldrin, dieldrin, and endrin on calmodulin regulated Ca2+-pump activity in rat brain synaptosomes and heart sarcoplasmic reticulum were investigated. All the 3 cyclodiene compounds inhibited both brain synaptosomal and heart sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca2+-pump activity in vitro in a concentration dependent manner. Calmodulin(More)
Isoforms of arginase in the liver and kidney tissues of the ureotelic frog (Rana tigerina) and uricotelic lizard (Calotes versicolor) were fractionated by DEAE-cellulose chromatography (pH 8.3). Four molecular forms, designated as A'1, A2, A3 and A4 based on the KCl concentration required for their elution from the ion-exchange column, were detected in(More)
Listeria monocytogenes, a foodborne intracellular pathogen, is responsible for about 300 deaths every year in the USA. It has the ability to escape host defense mechanisms and causes listeriosis more frequently in immunocompromised individuals. Virulence mechanisms in L. monocytogenes are highly regulated and tightly controlled. A number of virulence(More)
Lmof2365_2117 is a Listeria monocytogenes putative cell wall surface anchor protein with a conserved domain found in collagen binding proteins. We constructed a deletion mutation in lmof2365_2117 in serotype 4b strain F2365, evaluated its virulence, and determined its ability to adhere and invade colonic epithelial cells and macrophages. In A/J mice,(More)
Uric acid accumulates in several tissues of the Indian apple snail, P. globosa, during aestivation. This accumulation is particularly high in the foot muscle and reproductive organs. Since the kidney, a tiny organ in the snail, has only a limited capacity to store uric acid, extrarenal tissues are used as storage depots of uric acid during aestivation. It(More)
The US Government collects numerous statistics related to housing within the United States. One of these data sets, the American Housing Survey (AHS), provides a very rich source of information. However, exploring complex timeseries data can present many problems. AHSExplorer is an application developed to explore the information within this data set. In(More)