Swetha Garimalla

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Learning from the successes of other vaccines that enhance natural and existing protective responses to pathogens, the current effort in HIV vaccine research is directed toward inducing cytotoxic responses. Nevertheless, antibodies are fundamental players in vaccine development and are still considered in the context of passive specific immunotherapy of(More)
There are increasing efforts to bring high-throughput systems biology techniques to bear on complex animal model systems, often with a goal of learning about underlying regulatory network structures (e.g., gene regulatory networks). However, complex animal model systems typically have significant limitations on cohort sizes, number of samples, and the(More)
The co-evolution of the potential N-glycosylation sites of HIV Clade B gp120 was mapped onto the coevolution network of the protein structure using mean field direct coupling analysis (mfDCA). This was possible for 327 positions with suitable entropy and gap content. Indications of pressure to preserve the evolving glycan shield are seen as well as strong(More)
Disease represents a specific case of malfunctioning within a complex system. Whereas it is often feasible to observe and possibly treat the symptoms of a disease, it is much more challenging to identify and characterize its molecular root causes. Even in infectious diseases that are caused by a known parasite, it is often impossible to pinpoint exactly(More)
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