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One hundred fifty-five isolates of Bipolaris sorokiniana of wheat were studied for their morphopathological characterization. These isolates were grouped in five categories—black, brown/dull black, gray cottony growth, dull white/greenish black, and white—on the basis of their growth pattern. The frequency of the black suppressed type was maximum (45.63%),(More)
Vivek B. Kute, Mohan P. Patel, Jigar D.Shrimali, Manoj R. Gumber, Pankaj R. Shah, Himanshu V. Patel, Aruna V. Vanikar1, Hargovind L. Trivedi Department of Nephrology and Clinical Transplantation, Institute of Kidney Diseases and Research Center, Dr. HL Trivedi Institute of Transplantation Sciences (IKDRC-ITS), 1Pathology, Laboratory Medicine, Transfusion(More)
isolated by drapes. If the patient is not already anesthetized, cricothyroid membrane is identified and local anesthetic agent is infiltrated. A stab incision is made with #11 surgical knife over the cricothyroid membrane and the Seldinger needle is inserted through it. The Seldinger needle is oriented distally; this may prevent proximal migration and exit(More)
  • Dr . Shubhangi, Sweta
  • 2013
Bones are calcified connective tissue forming the major portion of the skeleton of most vertebrates. There are about 206 bones in our body and contains more calcium. Bones begin to develop before birth. From the moment of birth until the time one has grown up, bones go through a set a characteristic changes. Therefore the skeletal maturity, or bone age, can(More)
  • Sweta, Dr . Ranjit Biswas, Prof . J . B . Singh
  • 2010
686 Abstract—Predicate execution provides a large number of opportunities to enhance and expose ILP in the presence of branches. However, as with speculative execution, an aggressive compiler is required to realize most of the performance advantages. Compiler Optimization and transformation techniques focus on eliminating branches from the instruction(More)
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