Swen Böhm

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The purpose of this study was to determine how the components of psychosocial adjustment to diabetes predict adherence to nutrition recommendations based on self-reported successful completion of contingency contracts. The relationships between the components of psychosocial adjustment and adherence to nutrition recommendations were examined in a(More)
In this study, two cases were used to examine the potential of behavioral analysis as an intervention to decrease disruptive behaviors of institutionalized individuals with dementia. Behavioral modeling was used to teach the principles of behavioral analysis. The nurses observed a behavior change plan implemented by the investigator, revised the plan based(More)
Investigating parallel application performance at scale is an important part of high-performance computing (HPC) application development. The Extreme-scale Simulator (xSim) is a performance toolkit that permits running an application in a controlled environment at extreme scale without the need for a respective extreme-scale HPC system. Using a lightweight(More)
The implications of behavioral analysis for practice and research have significant potential for nursing. This present study was conducted to determine the effectiveness of nurses and patients actively participating in behavioral analysis and the implementation of behavioral strategies in order to improve the patients' self-management of their Type II(More)
We present a monitoring system for large-scale parallel and distributed computing environments that allows to trade-off accuracy in a tunable fashion to gain scalability without compromising fidelity. The approach relies on classifying each gathered monitoring metric based on individual needs and on aggregating messages containing classes of individual(More)
An educational and screening program for prostate cancer designed to increase knowledge and self-efficacy in African American men was provided in African American churches in a major midwestern city. Modeling was provided by trained lay educators who were African American men previously diagnosed and treated for prostate cancer and who could serve as role(More)
An emerging aspect of high-performance computing (HPC) hardware/software co-design is investigating performance under failure. The work in this paper extends the Extreme-scale Simulator (xSim), which was designed for evaluating the performance of message passing interface (MPI) applications on future HPC architectures, with fault-tolerant MPI extensions(More)
The purpose of this study was to use existing data to describe the behaviors performed by 117 subjects with Type II diabetes who wrote contingency contracts with nurses. Data were analyzed from a larger, randomized clinical trial of contingency contracting to improve clinical outcomes. Subjects had a high rate of completion of behaviors in contingency(More)
The high performance computing (HPC) community is working to address fault tolerance and resilience concerns for current and future large scale computing platforms. This is driving enhancements in the programming environments , specifically research on enhancing message passing libraries to support fault tolerant computing capabilities. The community has(More)