Swee Tian Quek

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UNLABELLED Evaluation of tumor heterogeneity based on texture parameters has recently attracted much interest in the PET imaging community. However, the impact of reconstruction settings on texture parameters is unclear, especially relating to time-of-flight and point-spread function modeling. Their effects on 55 texture features (TFs) and 6 features based(More)
Gout, the most common form of microcrystalline arthropathy has always interested radiologists. The diagnosis of gout is primarily based on clinical and laboratory findings; however, it has well known and characteristic radiographic manifestations. Radiographs remain the examination of choice in the diagnosis of joint involvement. Plain radiographs are less(More)
BACKGROUND Individual differences in breast size are a conspicuous feature of variation in human females and have been associated with fecundity and advantage in selection of mates. To identify common variants that are associated with breast size, we conducted a large-scale genotyping association meta-analysis in 7169 women of European descent across three(More)
Structural cardiac defects such as peripheral pulmonary stenosis are well-described in Alagille syndrome (AS), which is transmitted in an autosomal dominant inheritance. The genetic defect, with incomplete penetrance and variable expression, is localized to the short arm of chromosome 20. Abdominal coarctation is an uncommon congenital anomaly, with a(More)
The aim of this study was to to evaluate the role of a computer-aided program (CAD) in assisting detection of mammographic lesions by radiologists not specifically trained in mammography and its potential utility in breast screening. Mammograms were evaluated by radiologists not specifically trained in mammography first without, and then with, the CAD.(More)
Young National Servicemen were screened for cardiac murmurs and 74 cases of mitral valve prolapse were diagnosed. PA and lateral Chest X-rays were taken. 18% of the subjects had straight back, 24% had scoliosis, 38% had sternal abnormalities while 58% had one or more thoracic skeletal deformities. Comparisons were made with other series. Four radiographic(More)
OBJECTIVE Tuberous sclerosis is a genetic disorder with multisystem involvement. The aim of this study was to focus primarily on the cardiac aspects of this condition. METHOD This review included 10 children with tuberous sclerosis presenting to our department during a 10-year period. RESULTS From our data, 80% were found to have cardiac involvement.(More)