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et (ω) denote the power spectral density of a discrete-time stationary Gaussian signal, where ω ∈ [−π, π] is the normalized angular frequency variable. Letˆ(ω) denote a windowed periodogram estimate of (ω). Under mild conditions on (ω), the large-sample relative variance ofˆ(ω) is given by relative variancê (ω) = var[ ˆ (ω)] 2 (ω) = M N (for N 1) (1) where(More)
Estuaries have been sites of intensive human activities during the past century. Tracing the evolution of subaqueous topography in estuaries on a decadal timescale enables us to understand the effects of human activities on estuaries. Bathymetric data from 1955 to 2010 show that land reclamation decreased the subaqueous area of Lingding Bay, in the Pearl(More)
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