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BACKGROUND In the face of impending influenza pandemic, a rapid vaccine production and mass vaccination is the most effective approach to prevent the large scale mortality and morbidity that was associated with the 1918 "Spanish Flu". The traditional process of influenza vaccine production in eggs is time consuming and may not meet the demands of rapid(More)
BACKGROUND Human genetic diversity observed in Indian subcontinent is second only to that of Africa. This implies an early settlement and demographic growth soon after the first 'Out-of-Africa' dispersal of anatomically modern humans in Late Pleistocene. In contrast to this perspective, linguistic diversity in India has been thought to derive from more(More)
— In the digital world, security is an important issue, and encryption is one of the ways to ensure security. This paper presents image encryption/decryption scheme using biometric template (Palm Print). The proposed scheme is especially useful for encryption of large amounts of data, such as digital images using proposed key generation algorithm. This(More)
In this paper, we propose a new signature scheme based on factoring and discrete logarithm. This scheme is based on two hard problems and provides higher level security as compare to a single hard problem. Most of the designated signature schemes are based on a single hard problem. Although these schemes secure but in a future if an enemy manages to solve(More)
Identifying major antigenic and protective epitopes of the H7 hemagglutinin (HA) will be important for understanding the antibody response to vaccines developed against the novel influenza H7N9 viruses that emerged in China in 2013. To facilitate antigenic characterization of the H7N9 HA and to develop reagents for evaluation of H7N9 candidate vaccines, we(More)
In 1994, He and Kiesler proposed a digital signature scheme which was based on the factoring and the discrete logarithm problem both. Same year, Shimin-Wei modified the He-Kiesler signature scheme. In this paper, we propose an improvement of Shimin-Wei signature scheme based on factorization and discrete logarithm problem both with different parameters and(More)
Phonocardiogram (PCG) signals as a biometric is a new and novel method for user identification. This paper examines the applicability of the biometric properties of PCG signals, which can thus be included among the physiological signs used by an automatic identification system. Use of PCG signals for user recognition is a highly reliable method because(More)
In the present investigation, a gene encoding extracellular lipase was cloned from a Bacillus licheniformis. The recombinant protein containing His-tag was expressed as inclusion bodies in Esherichia coli BL21DE3 cells, using pET-23a as expression vector. Expressed protein purified from the inclusion bodies demonstrated ~22 kDa protein band on 12 %(More)