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Alzheimer's disease (AD) is a progressive and irreversible neurodegenerative disorder characterized by amyloid beta (Aβ) deposition in brain with subsequent formation of neuritic plaques leading to dementia. A number of therapeutic strategies targeted against Aβ depositions have been rigorously explored which provided successful results corresponding to the(More)
Looking to the recent roles of topoisomerases in various types of cancers, in the present paper, a quantitative structure–activity relationship model, based on genetic function approximation (GFA) method, was developed using 41 olivacine derivatives as inhibitors of topoisomerase IIβ (Topo IIβ). The best predictive GFA model explained the biological(More)
In view of recently implicated role of COX-1 in human health and diseases, including cancer, development of safe and selective drugs, as COX-1 inhibitor is desirable. Human COX-1 and COX-2 isozymes have been modeled using in silico tools and relative efficacies of terpenoids as their inhibitors have been investigated by docking. The docking analyses of 10(More)
Communication networks are all about providing means to communicate that is for (exchanging the user information). The user information can be viewed as user traffic akin to the traffic on the road that moves across the road network. The fastest growth of data communication Networks over the past decades has resulted in the development of sophisticated(More)
Customer Relationship Management is the most talked about business mantra these days. With the advent of CRM in late 1990s, marketers opine that proper vigil and analysis of customer data might bring wonders for the organization. Indian apparel retail sector is booming, leading to intense competition. The war is to attract new customers but most importantly(More)
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