Swati Rawat

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Pathogenesis-related (PR) proteins play key roles in plant disease resistance. Here, we isolated and characterized pathogenesis-related PR2 gene encoding β-1,3-glucanase from Brassica juncea and named it BjPR2 (GenBank accession number DQ359125). The amino acid sequence of BjPR2 showed ~99 % similarity with β-1,3-glucanase of Brassica rapa, B. napus, and B.(More)
<lb>MOLECULAR DETAILS OF THE MITOCHONDRIAL IRON SULFUR CLUSTER<lb>ASSEMBLY PATHWAY by<lb>SWATI RAWAT<lb>May 2011<lb>Advisor: Dr. Timothy Stemmler<lb>Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology<lb>Degree: Doctor of Philosophy<lb>Iron-sulfur clusters are an important class of prosthetic group involved in<lb>electron transfer, enzyme catalysis, and regulation of(More)
The amino acid sequence of the winged bean acidic lectin (WBA II) was determined by chemical means and by recombinant techniques. From the N- and C-terminal sequence, obtained chemically, primers were designed for PCR amplification of the genomic DNA. The PCR product was cloned and sequenced to get the complete primary structure of WBA II. Peptide fragments(More)
The transmembrane (TM) helices of most type II single-span membrane proteins (S-SMPs) of Escherichia coli occur near the N-terminus, where the cell's targeting mechanisms can readily identify it as it emerges from the ribosome. However, the TM helices of a few S-SMPs, such as RodZ, occur a hundred or more residues downstream from the N-terminus, which(More)
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