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Classification of the Electroencephalogram (EEG) signal is a challengeable task in the brain-computer interface systems. The marginalized discrete wavelet transform (mDWT) coefficients extracted from the EEG signals have been frequently used in researches since they reveal features related to the transient nature of the signals. To improve the(More)
Differential dual hop relay based system has been introduced to solve the coverage problem. However, fading channel is the weak link of any wireless system. Generalized Gamma (GG) distribution is one of the fading models of wireless communication. However, GG fading channel is not available in any of the software packages. This research paper presents BER(More)
In order to study the role of carbohydrates in the paclobutrazol induced floral initiation in mango (Mangifera indica L.), the carbohydrate contents and the activities of amylase and sucrose metabolizing enzymes were analyzed in the apical buds and leaves of growing shoots at 4 bud developmental stages numerically characterized as 510 (initiation of bud(More)
Mustard (Brassica juncea) var. Pusa Jaikisan was grown in a pot experiment in soil supplemented with different concentrations of nickel and chromium (50 and 100 mg kg−1 soil), lead (100 and 200 mg kg−1 soil), cadmium (5 and 10 mg kg−1 soil) and mercury (25 and 50 mg kg−1 soil) as a leafy vegetable. The study revealed that as the contamination level(More)
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