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Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are widely used in many real life applications due its pool of operating advantages. Such networks are mainly used for the applications like health monitoring, industrial automation, smart home monitoring, military applications etc. These applications requires heterogeneous type of WSNs. The small scale WSNs can be easily(More)
Recent trends in computing include increases in both distribution and wireless connectivity, leading to highly dynamic, complex environments on top of applications that must be built. The way of designing and ensuring the correctness of applications in these environments is becoming more complex. The goal of the research in wireless systems is to provide(More)
The Internet as a complete does not use safe links, thus data in transit may be vulnerable to interception as well. The significant of reducing a chance of the data being detected during the conduction is being a problem now days. Some way out to be discussed is how to pass data in a manner that the very existence of the message is unknown in order to(More)
The Internet of Things (IoT) is a technical revolution which represents the future of communications and computing. In IoT many devices are connected through network and they communicate by the Internet and send data or secret information on the web. The next huge step in the IoT field is to recognize a virtual computing platform that provides access to(More)
Different technologies are available on web. In the era of internet communication, systems should able to protect content such as pictures, videos against malicious modifications during their transmission. One of the important problems addressed in this is the authentication of the image received in a Communication. Tampering detection has significance in(More)
Internet of things (IoT) aims to provide a simple interaction between the physical world and the virtual world, by integrating huge numbers of real world physical devices (or things) into the Internet. In IoT many smart devices are connected to network and they communicate by the Internet and send data or secret information on the web. The next step in the(More)
Out of various research challenges present in Cyber Physical Systems(CPS) resource provisioning, service composition and autonomics of self management are considered in detail. Resource provisioning means making the resources seamlessly available to user as and when they are required whereas Service composition means building a complex service when the(More)
76 Abstract— Nowadays due to easily available hardware and availability of unlicensed frequency spectrum the use of WLANS has increased tremendously. Such WLANS are set up by untrained system administrators with no topology planning. The Access Points are also placed haphazardly. The performance of such Uncoordinated WLANs is greatly affected due to(More)
Cyber Physical System (CPS) integrates physical and cyber components for high performance, self-maintenance, self-organization, self-assembly, while the process must be dependable, safe, secure, and efficient in real-time. It supports heterogeneous devices, such as motes, PDAs, laptops, and actuators according to the applications' requirements. This(More)
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