Swati Mittal

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The innate immune system of fish is considered first line of defense against a broad spectrum of pathogens. Being a component of innate immunity and lying at the interface between fish and the aqueous environment, skin mucus plays a frontier role in protecting fish from infections. In the present study, skin mucus of Cirrhinus mrigala, Labeo rohita, Catla(More)
Presence of carboxylesterase (CbE) activity in the skin mucus of Cirrhinus mrigala was investigated. CbE activity in skin mucus showed higher substrate preference for α-naphthyl acetate over p-nitrophenyl acetate. Four CbE isozymes—CbE-1, CbE-2, CbE-3, and CbE-4 were observed in skin mucus during zymography. The isozyme CbE-4 was characterized as typical(More)
Chromatophores show significant changes during healing of skin wounds in Labeo rohita (Common Name--Rohu). Wound area can be divided into regions I, II and III. After infliction of wound, skin colour becomes significantly dark by 2h that is gradually restored by 2d. In regions II and III at 5 min, epidermal melanophores appear with beaded dendrites. In(More)
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