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It has been established that regulation of chromatin structure through post-translational modification of histone proteins, primarily histone H3 phosphorylation and acetylation, is an important early step in the induction of synaptic plasticity and formation of long-term memory. In this study, we investigated the contribution of another histone(More)
Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) is an aggressive cancer with poor survival rates and frequently carries oncogenic KRAS mutation. However, KRAS has thus far not been a viable therapeutic target. We found that the abundance of YAP mRNA, which encodes Yes-associated protein (YAP), a protein regulated by the Hippo pathway during tissue development and(More)
Recent research on conversational agents emphasises the need to build affective conversational systems with social intelligence. Politeness is an integral part of socially appropriate and affective conversational behaviour, e.g. consider the difference in the pragmatic effect of realizing the same communicative goal with either “Get me a glass of water(More)
OBJECTIVES Familial clustering of HBV provides epidemiological evidence for the different modes of spread of the virus. Though the majority of the studies have addressed the issue of perinatal transmission in India, only a few reports have dealt with other modes of transmission. METHODS The study was prospectively designed and data were collected from a(More)
The transcriptional coactivator peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma coactivator 1alpha (PGC-1alpha) is a master regulator of metabolism in peripheral tissues, and it has been proposed that PGC-1alpha plays a similar role in the brain. Recent evidence suggests that PGC-1alpha is concentrated in GABAergic interneurons, so we investigated whether(More)
The poor bioavailability and therapeutic response exhibited by conventional ophthalmic preparations due to rapid precorneal elimination, dilution and nasolacrimal drainage of the drug may be vanquished by the use of in situ gelling systems that are instilled as drops in to the eye and undergo a sol-gel transition in the cul-de-sac. Timolol eye drops may(More)
AIM To determine the prevalence of hepatitis B and C virus infections in human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) -positive patients at a tertiary care hospital in New Delhi, India. METHODS Serum samples from 451 HIV positive patients were analyzed for HBsAg and HCV antibodies during three years (Jan 2003-Dec 2005). The control group comprised of apparently(More)
Oral submucous fibrosis (OSMF) is a potentially malignant disorder (PMD) and crippling condition of oral mucosa. It is a chronic insidious scarring disease of oral cavity, pharynx and upper digestive tract, characterized by progressive inability to open the mouth due to loss of elasticity and development of vertical fibrous bands in labial and buccal(More)
BACKGROUND Penicillium marneffei is a dimorphic fungus, endemic in South-east Asia. The fungus causes severe disease in immunocompromised patients such as AIDS. However, no case of immune restoration disease of Penicillium marneffei is reported in literature from a non-endemic area. CASE PRESENTATION We report the first case of Penicillium marneffei and(More)
Politeness is an integral part of human language variation, e.g. consider the difference in the pragmatic effect of realizing the same communicative goal with either “Get me a glass of water mate!” or “I wonder if I could possibly have some water please?” This paper presents POLLy (Politeness for Language Learning), a system which combines a natural(More)