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This paper presents a 2×2 planar array with high gain and less area as compared to 1×4 linear array suitable for the application of MANET (Mobile adhoc network). The antenna arrays consist of four triangular patch antenna elements designed on RT/Duroid substrate and the resonant frequency of these antennas is 1.29 GHz. The designed antennas(More)
The design of antenna array in the wireless communication system can be used to achieve high gain, steering capability and also to reduce the effect of fading. These antenna array is suitable for L-band applications such as military, global positioning system, digital audio broadcasting and other telecommunication areas. This paper presents a simple, low(More)
We propose an N-gram based approach to make predictions about the next event in a sequence of hospital admissions. To predict the value of a variable in the next admission (e.g. length of stay), we use only the sequence of values of the same variable for all hospital admissions of the same patient so far (e.g. the length of all previous hospital stays) and(More)
Speed and power consumption are one of the most important parameters to judge the performance of a computational method. In this paper, we compare two algorithms for 8 Bit multiplication namely Vedic Multiplication Algorithm and Booth algorithm. This paper aims in bringing to the fore the differences in compilation speeds and the chip area consumption of(More)
Proposed work shows the rain rate versus rain attenuation characteristics on the basis of equiprobability. Two year signal data from IPSTAR satellite at 20.2 GHz and two year rain data of corresponding period is used to develop rain attenuation characteristics. Delhi earth station data provided by SAC, Ahmedabad is used. The outcome of this work is very(More)
Proposed work shows the rain fade mitigation technique in wireless communication using linear prediction. Two year signal data from IPSTAR satellite at 20.2 GHz is used in this work. Proposed work can be used on different frequencies by using frequency scaling. Experimental signal is used to analyze original variations of the atmosphere. Delhi earth station(More)
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