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CONTEXT Significant hyperlipidemia causing lipemic serum in patients with poorly controlled diabetes is under-reported in children. The recognition of the severe hyperlipidemia is important for proper management and to prevent associated morbidities. Severe hyperlipidemia in patients with diabetic ketoacidosis should be considered. CASE REPORT In this(More)
Failure to thrive in an infant has multiple etiologies and at times, is only manifestation of underlying serious disease. Bartter syndrome is a rare disease that manifests as failure to thrive. It can be diagnosed by a careful history, physical examination, and abnormal electrolyte pattern. It can be alleviated by appropriate management, whereas failure to(More)
BACKGROUND Aortic dilation and dissection is reported in patients with Turner's syndrome, both with and without cardiovascular risk factors. The bicuspid aortic valve is closely associated with dilated aortic root, although expression of aortic dilation is variable. The determinants for variable expression of aortic dilation in individuals with Turner's(More)
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