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In this competitive era, education has become equally demanding and competitive. Innovation in the sphere of education has led to new ways of learning. Internet has now made learning dynamic by introducing the concept of learning through E-learning. The dynamism in E-Learning can be made more powerful with the help of intelligent agents. Intelligent,(More)
We report a case of typical carcinoid of the lung in a 60-year-old human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-positive man diagnosed on brush cytology smears. Bronchial carcinoids are rare tumors, accounting for 1% to 2% of all lung tumors. Although the exact incidence in HIV-infected individuals is not known, the paucity of their documentation in the literature(More)
Reengineering databases has been a challenge since ages and it requires process mapping to understand better and significantly improve the business processes and performance. In this paper we describe a generic architecture for reengineering legacy databases, which is an outcome of working on a real software project. The goal of this research is to(More)
Pleural involvement in nocardiosis is rarely reported from India. A case of hydropneumothorax due to Nocardia asteroides in a patient with diabetes mellitus is reported. Tube thoracostomy drainage and therapy with trimethoprim-sulphamethoxazole for seven months prevented reaccumulation of pleural fluid and improved the general condition but failed to expand(More)
In the current report, chemically synthesized copper phthalocyanine (CuPc) nanotubes are shown to exhibit unprecedentedly well cold cathode emission characteristics with turn-on field (3.2 V μ m(-1)) and stable emission during long intervals (200 min). Simulation of electric field distribution via finite element method around an isolated nanotube emitter in(More)
OBJECTIVES This study was primarily designed to determine the clinico-radiographic efficacy of platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) and beta-tri-calcium phosphate with collagen (β-TCP-Cl) in preserving extraction sockets. MATERIALS AND METHODS For Group I (PRF), residual sockets (n = 15) were filled with autologous PRF obtained from patients' blood; and for Group(More)
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The most important educational initiative in organizations and universities is the move towards Online Learning. Faculty world-wide are trying out new methods for asynchronously delivering training, attempting to enhance the possibility that students will "discover their own motivation, their own authenticity, their own relation to the subject matter"(More)
Cupric oxide mesospheres composed of its nanoparticles have been synthesized by a simple template free chemical route at different temperatures. Thermal aging followed by higher temperature (350 degrees C, 6 hours) annealing on these architects transformed them into hollow mesospheres consisting of sharp needle like structures with high aspect ratio (-(More)
Field-emission displays (FEDs) constitute one of the major foci of the cutting edge materials research because of the increasingly escalating demand for high-resolution display panels. However, poor efficiencies of the concurrent low voltage cathodoluminescence (CL) phosphors have created a serious bottleneck in the commercialization of such devices. Herein(More)