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Plant specialized metabolites are being used worldwide as therapeutic agents against several diseases. Since the precursors for specialized metabolites come through primary metabolism, extensive investigations have been carried out to understand the detailed connection between primary and specialized metabolism at various levels. Stress regulates the(More)
A novel flexible neural ribbon electrode with a self-adaptive feature is successfully implemented for various small nerves recording. As a neural interface, the selective recording capability is characterized by having reliable signal acquisitions from the sciatic nerve and its branches such as the peroneal nerve, the tibial nerve, and the sural nerve.
Neuroprosthetic devices that interface with the nervous system to restore functional motor activity offer a viable alternative to nerve regeneration, especially in proximal nerve injuries like brachial plexus injuries where muscle atrophy may set in before nerve re-innervation occurs. Prior studies have used control signals from muscle or cortical activity.(More)
Various peripheral nerve interfaces have been developed in the last decades and transferred into neuroscientific researches or clinical applications. In this study, we present a novel flexible neural ribbon electrode that can achieve self-adaption to nerves in various diameters and have three dimensional (3D) contacts. Impedance spectroscopy of the neural(More)
Selective stimulation is delivered to the sciatic nerve using different paris of contacts on a split-ring electrode, while simulatneous recordings are acquired by the neural ribbon electrodes on three different branches. Two hook electrodes are also implanted in the muscle to monitor the activated muscle responses. It shows that the high precision(More)
INTRODUCTION A long-term peripheral neural interface is an area of intense research. The use of electrode interfaces is limited by the biological response to the electrode material. METHODS We created an electrode construct to harbor the rat sciatic nerve with interposition of autogenous adipose tissue between the nerve and the electrode. The construct(More)
This paper demonstrates flexible epineural strip electrodes (FLESE) for recording from small nerves. Small strip-shaped FLESE enables us to easily and closely stick on various sized nerves for less damage in a nerve and optimal recording quality. In addition, in order to enhance the neural interface, the gold electrode contacts were coated with carbon(More)
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