Swathi Kelkar

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Linezolid is a new oxazolidinone antibiotic used to treat infections caused by vancomycin-resistant enterococci (VRE). In early clinical trials, emergence of resistance occurred rarely. We report clinical details and antibiotic susceptibility from five patients treated with linezolid for VRE infections who had resistant organisms isolated during therapy.(More)
Escherichia coli that produce plasmid-mediated AmpC beta-lactamases are rare in the United States. The clinical features associated with infection with these organisms have not been well described. We identified 2 clinical isolates of E. coli that produced the plasmid-mediated AmpC enzyme beta-lactamase CMY-2. These organisms were recovered from urine(More)
1. Svahn A, Hoffner SE, Petrini B, Kallenius G. Mycobacterium fortuitum complex in Sweden during an 11-year period. Scand J Infect Dis 1997; 29:573–7. 2. Wallace RJ, Swenson JM, Silcox VA, Good RC, Tschen JA, Stone MS. Spectrum of disease due to rapidly growing mycobacteria. Rev Infect Dis 1983;5: 657–79. 3. Altmann G, Horowitz A, Kaplinsky N, Frankl O.(More)
BACKGROUND Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) with a narrower antibiotic resistance pattern have emerged. There is a risk for the appearance of resistance during clindamycin therapy of erythromycin-resistant MRSA infections because of the linked resistance mechanisms. METHODS We analyzed clindamycin-susceptible MRSA organisms from children(More)
The prevalence of extended-spectrum beta-lactamase-producing strains was demonstrated in 5 of 44 (11.4%) Escherichia coli, 17 of 43 (39.5%) Klebsiella pneumoniae, 3 of 50 (6.0%) Enterobacter cloacae, and 2 of 25 (8.0%) Citrobacter freundii strains at a teaching hospital in China. Nineteen of these 27 strains expressed CTX-M-3 beta-lactamase (pI 8.6). A(More)
A series of 2 beta-substituted 3 beta-phenyltropanes were synthesized as analogs of cocaine and tested in vitro for their ability to displace bound [3H]WIN 35,428 (2b) and inhibit dopamine uptake in rat caudate-putamen tissue. The analogs bound with high affinity (Ki = 11-22 nM) to the dopamine transporter. Increased lipophilicity at the beta-C(2)-position(More)
The transition metal complexes [eta(6)- (2beta-carbomethoxy-3beta-phenyltropane)]tricarbonylchromium (3) and [eta(6)-(2beta-carbomethoxy-3beta-phenyltropane)] [eta(5)-(pentamethylcyclopentadienyl)]ruthenium(II)triflate (4) were synthesized from 2beta-carbomethoxy-3beta-phenyltropane (2, WIN 35,065) to further elucidate the influence of substituents on the(More)
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