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A number of synthetically useful transformations have been developed to generate novel 5'-peptidyl nucleoside monophosphate analogues that incorporate sensitive phosphoaminal, -hemiaminal or -hemithioaminal functionalities. The strategies adopted entailed the coupling between dipeptides, which enclose a reactive Cα-functionalized glycine residue and(More)
Satellite measurements have of late become an important source of information for climate features such as precipitation due to their near-global coverage. In this article, we look at a precipitation dataset during a 3-hour window over tropical South America that has information from two satellites. We develop a flexible hierarchical model to combine(More)
A new synthetic route to a 3'-fluoro-3'-deoxytetrose adenine phosphonate has been developed. The synthesis starts from l-xylose and key steps include the stereospecific introduction of the phosphonomethoxy group and adenine. In addition, a regioselective fluorination reaction allows access to the desired 3'-fluoro-3'-deoxytetrose moiety. This methodology(More)
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