Swaroop Sridhar

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Dynamic translation is a general purpose tool used for instrumenting programs at run time. Many current translators perform substantial rewriting during translation in an attempt to reduce execution time. When dynamic translation is used as a ubiquitous policy enforcement mechanism, the majority of program executions have no dominating inner loop that can(More)
Systems programs rely on fine-grain control of data representation and use of state to achieve performance, conformance to hard-ware specification, and temporal predictability. The robustness and checkability of these programs could be greatly improved if modern type systems and programming language ideas, such as polymorphism and type inference, could be(More)
A major issue of process state capture in heterogeneous computing systems is capture initiation. Current approaches incur significant performance overhead during normal execution of the process (i.e., when state capture/recovery is not being performed) in order to ensure proper initiation of state capture. This is because of their introduction of(More)
This paper introduces a new type system designed for safe systems programming. The type system features a new mutability model that combines unboxed types with a consistent typing of mutability. The type system is provably sound, supports polymorphism, and eliminates the need for alias analysis to determine the immutability of a location. A sound and(More)
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