Swaroop Kumar Sahu

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We sought to determine the rate of healthcare-associated infection (HCAI), microbiological profile, bacterial resistance, length of stay (LOS) and excess mortality in 12 ICUs of the seven hospital members of the International Infection Control Consortium (INICC) of seven Indian cities. Prospective surveillance was introduced from July 2004 to March 2007; 10(More)
There is paucity of data on magnitude and risk factors associated with asthma in developing countries like India. The study aims to assess the prevalence and factors associated with asthma. A cross sectional study was conducted among 275 school children aged 12-15 years age group using modified International study on Allergy and Asthma in childhood (ISAAC)(More)
PURPOSE We aimed to evaluate the impact of a multidimensional infection control strategy for the reduction of the incidence of catheter-associated urinary tract infection (CAUTI) in patients hospitalized in adult intensive care units (AICUs) of hospitals which are members of the International Nosocomial Infection Control Consortium (INICC), from 40 cities(More)
BACKGROUND Bronchial asthma is an important public health problem at the global level. There is paucity of studies on bronchial asthma among school children in Urban India. OBJECTIVE To assess the prevalence and associated factors of bronchial asthma among school children. MATERIALS AND METHODS A cross-sectional study was conducted among 263 children(More)
Portfolio-based learning is recognized in medical education. It helps students to assess themselves as per the key learning objectives and outcomes expected out of them. The faculty could also get feedback regarding individual student's progress toward learning outcomes and facilitate the students achieve the same. This article addresses the process of(More)
How to cite this article: Saurabh S, Sahu SK, Sadishkumar A, Kakkanattu JC, Prapath I, Ralte IL, et al. Screening for skin diseases among primary school children in a rural area of Puducherry. Indian J Dermatol Venereol Leprol 2013;79:268. Received: September, 2012. Accepted: November, 2012. Source of Support: Nil. Conflict of Interest: Nil. Screening for(More)
High altitude hypobaric hypoxia (HH) affects prefrontal cognitive and executive functions. Guanfacine, alpha 2A adrenoceptor agonist ameliorates the neurological outcomes of high altitude exposure and associated prefrontal neurodegeneration. However, the molecular mechanism underlying the neuroprotective effect of guanfacine following HH remains elusive.(More)
SETTING Designated microscopy centre (DMC) attached to a tertiary care centre in Pondicherry, India. OBJECTIVES To determine 1) the proportion of diabetes mellitus (DM), 2) the additional yield of newly diagnosed DM cases, and 3) the number needed to screen (NNS) to find a new case of DM among presumed TB patients. DESIGN An institution-based(More)