Swaroop Kavalanekar

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Server 2008 dramatically increases the breadth and depth of ETW instrumentation, and new trace capture and visualization tools are available in the Windows Performance Tools kit. Additional analytical tools were developed to analyze and visualize traces captured from Exchange, software build and release, Live Maps, MSN storage, security authentication, and(More)
Many large-scale online services use structured storage to persist metadata and sometimes data. The structured storage is typically provided by standard database servers such as Microsoft's SQL Server. It is important to understand the workloads seen by these servers, both for provisioning server hardware as well as to exploit opportunities for energy(More)
Database applications are one of the fastest-growing classes of applications. Their execution characteristics differ from those of scientific or general-purpose applications. Due to their proprietary nature, software licenses typically prevent the disclosure of performance information. This has resulted in limited research being carried out in analyzing(More)
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