Swaroop K. Ghosh

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We propose a path to achieve an ambitious target that has never been tried before: a terabyte of on-chip memory for petabit/second of bandwidth with <; 5W of power. Conventional methodology of on-chip memory design is bottom up where the choice of bitcell topology and associated peripherals are predetermined. The resulting memory is sub-optimal and often(More)
Attention is drawn to sound mensural calibration of the electron microscope system. A general understanding of the inherent distorsions is imperative. By using the collinearity condition and a photogrammetric self-calibration technique, one obtains the patterns of scale, radial, tangential and spiral distorsions. These are discussed and fundamental concepts(More)
While non-volatile memories (NVMs) provide high-density and low-leakage, they also have low write-endurance. This, along with the write-variation introduced by the cache management policies, can lead to very small cache lifetime. In this paper, we propose ENLIVE, a technique for ENhancing the LIfetime of non-Volatile cachEs. Our technique uses a small SRAM(More)
The paper introduces the concept of orientation entropy for quantifying the propensity of a pixel belonging to the edge. Intensity variation at a pixel is measured as an integral of a logarithmic function over all possible direction which represents the heterogeneity of intensity variation in the neighborhood of that point. This is unlike traditional edge(More)
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