Swarnima Agnihotri

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Of the five explants of V. mungo var. T9 used, the excised shoot tips gave best response with regard to offshoot formation followed by the embryonal axis explants. While a treatment comprising 0.5 mgL(-1) BAP, 0.5 mgL(-1) 2iP and 0.1 mgL(-1) NAA induced differentiation of an average 10 offshoots in shoot tip explants, only 3 offshoots were formed in the(More)
Citrus being a number one fruit of the world due to its high nutritional value, huge production of fruits and fruit products, the citrus industry may be considered a major fruit industry. Though citrus orchard area in India is comparable to USA, the produce is far less, while its export is nil. Biotechnology has played an outstanding role in boosting the(More)
Bagasse from early species of Saccharum officinerum-Co 89003 has 71.36% useful, long, and thick-walled fibers with good slenderness ratio, but the rigidity coefficient is less than that of Eucalyptus tereticornis and Leucaena leucocephala. The kink index and kink per mm length are lower in bagasse fiber than E. terticornis, which gives rise to fewer weak(More)
We studied the serum prolactin levels in 35 cases with various types of seizures viz. generalized tonicolonic seizures (GTC), complex partial seizures (CPS), and simple partial seizures (SPS). We also studied 20 cases with pseudoseizure (hysteria) presenting in an epileptiform manner. Twenty two normal healthy subjects were also studied. All the cases were(More)
Biodegradation of toluene vapour was investigated in a laboratory scale biofilter packed with cylindrical pieces of yellow-gram (Cajanus cajan) stalk. Inlet concentrations and volumetric flow rates of toluene were varied from 2.56 to 34.73 g/m3 and 0.18 to 0.24 m3/h, respectively. The steady state was achieved within seven days and the degradation of(More)
Ethanol derived from biomass has the potential to be a renewable transportation fuel that can replace gasoline. This work was carried out to establish an optimized ethanol organosolv pretreatment of Norway spruce (Picea abies) for bioethanol production (63 wt% EtOH, pH ~3.5 in aqueous phase, 170–240 °C, 90 min) utilizing hydrolytic enzymes in the(More)
Nucellar tissue contained in ovular halves of young fruits of Mangifera indica L. totapari red small, a dwarfing rootstock, differentiated fasciated embryonal structures in presence of 6-benzylaminopurine [BAP(0.15 mg l(-1))], 6-(gamma-gamma-dimethylallylamino) purine [2iP(0.15 mg l(-1))] and indole-3-acetic acid [(IAA(0.5 mg l(-1))] incorporated in the(More)
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