Swarnendra K Verma

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OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to examine the frequency and causes of surgical explantation of patent foramen ovale (PFO) closure devices. BACKGROUND PFO has been linked with cryptogenic strokes, recurrent transient neurologic deficits, sleep apnea, decompression illness, and migraines. Several randomized trials are in progress to determine whether(More)
Foreign bodies in the respiratory passages are always due to the accidental inhalation. Children are more affected while the adults rarely present with the foreign bodies in the respiratory tract. A case report of an accidentally inhaled foreign body ( a broken piece of a stainless steel spoon handle), where the patient was not aware of it and presented(More)
In the present study 109 cases of Heck swellings were subjectedto F.V.A.C. examination. H vases teere found to he positive for lymphomas with 62.5% eases presenting as cervical lymphade.nopathy. Median age of presentation tints 48 years with preponderance of femulr patients. 57.2% of the patients presented in stage I of the disease.
Surgeons must become convinced regarding the strict adherence to a meticulous operating room ritual and an equally careful aseptic technique for the pre and post opcrative care Surgeons have lived with the risk of contracting potentially fatal vual diseases for the last three decades The author reviens here, the hazards of blood exposure and the measures(More)
The perception of communication abilities amongest adolescents with moderate and profound hearing loss was correlated with indices of psychosocial adjustment. This was done to determine whether the use of hearing aids could play a role in presence and improvement of psychosocial functioning among acquired hearing loss persons after the use of hearing aids.(More)
Thirty cases of tumors of hypopharyiix were admitted in EST department ofRujendra Hospital, Patiala for ciinicopathological study. Peak age incidence of tumours was seen in 6th decade of Life. Males were affected more than females (23:7), Alcohul consumption, smoking and poor orodental hygiene were important predisposing factors responsible for the disease.(More)
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