Swarnali Roy

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3-Mercaptopropionic acid and N alpha-Fmoc serine, both with unprotected carboxyl groups, were stereospecifically glycosylated in 62-82% yields, using saccharide 1,2-trans peracetates and Lewis acid catalysis. The resulting glycosylated building blocks were used in the synthesis of derivatives of helper-T-cell stimulating peptides, with the carbohydrate(More)
Toll-like receptor 9 (TLR9) is a major therapeutic target for numerous inflammatory disorders. Development of small molecule inhibitors for TLR9 remains largely empirical due to lack of structural understanding of potential TLR9 antagonism by small molecules and due to the unusual topology of the ligand binding surface of the receptor. To develop a(More)
PapD is the prototype member of a family of periplasmic chaperones which are required for assembly of virulence associated pili in pathogenic, gram-negative bacteria. In the present investigation, an ELISA has been developed for evaluation of compounds as inhibitors of PapD. Synthetic peptides, including an octamer, derived from the C-terminus of the pilus(More)
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