Swarnalatha Radhakrishnan

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In nature, Grid computing is the combination of parallel and distributed computing where running computationally intensive applications like sequence alignment, weather forecasting, etc are needed a proficient scheduler to solve the problems awfully fast. Most of the Grid tasks are scheduled based on the First come first served (FCFS) or FCFS with advanced(More)
Recent development has a tremendous growth in the ad-hoc wireless networks. Ad-hoc wireless networks are dynamic topology networks organized by a collection of mobile nodes that utilize multi-hop radio relaying and are capable of operating without the support of any fixed infrastructure. Ad-hoc wireless networks are very useful in emergency operations,(More)
Soft error has been identified as one of the major challenges to CMOS technology based computing systems. To mitigate this problem, error recovery is a key component, which usually accounts for a substantial cost, since they must introduce redundancies in either time or space. Consequently, using state-of-art recovery techniques could heavily worsen the(More)
Multiple sequence alignment is the most common task in computational biology. This multiple sequence alignment is computationally difficult and classified as a NP-Hard problem; so approximate algorithm(s) are generally required for most multiple alignment tasks. The Molecular Biologist may require the alignment of thousands of sequences that each can be of(More)
It is of critical importance to satisfy deadline requirements for an embedded application to avoid undesired outcomes. Multiprocessor System-on-Chips (MPSoCs) play a vital role in contemporary embedded devices to satisfy timing deadlines. Such MPSoCs include two-level cache hierarchies which have to be dimensioned carefully to support timing deadlines of(More)
In this paper we propose application specific instruction set processors with heterogeneous multiple pipelines to efficiently exploit the available parallelism at instruction level. We have developed a design system based on the Thumb processor architecture. Given an application specified in C language, the design system can generate a processor with a(More)
Grid Computing has emerged as an important new field focusing on resource sharing. One of the most challenging issues in Grid Computing is efficient scheduling of tasks. Load Balancing is a technique to improve parallelism, utilization of resources increasing throughput managing and to reduce response time through proper distribution of the tasks. Generally(More)
Multicasting protocols can be used to improve the efficiency of the wireless links in Mobile Ad hoc Networks when sending multiple copies of messages from multiple sources to multiple receivers. In this paper, a Source initiated Mesh and soft-state based QoS Probabilistic multicast routing protocol (SQMP) for MANETs is proposed. SQMP is inspired from the(More)
Openoffice.org is a popular, free and open source office product. This product is used by millions of people and developed, maintained and extended by thousands of developers worldwide. Playing a dominant role in the Web, Web services technology is serving millions of people every day. Axis2 is one of the most popular, free and open source Web service(More)