Swapnili P. Karmore

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This paper describes testing framework that is capable of testing heterogeneous embedded systems. There are three key contributions. The first is the introduction of a new approach of embedded system testing. The second is simple and efficient embedded system classifier interface, named as discovery interface device for embedded system. The third key(More)
In the last decades, there have been remarkable growth in the total number of vehicles around the world, and results in increase in traffic accidents rate. Several approaches have found in existing road safety vehicular system through the use of telecommunication technologies but, most of them is for improving traffic safety and focused on vehicle to(More)
In the current era, the world around us is going to be electronic. Everything is at present available at digital and virtual world and the whole world is taking the advantages of that but the problem is arising when the visually impaired person will be concerned about the electronic and digitized world. Approximately 84 million people in this world are not(More)
Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are widely used in many different number of applications, like border surveillance, under water sensor networks etc. In a large WSN, there is significant reduction in the amount of communication overhead and energy consumption when in network data aggregation is performed. Various methods available for data aggregation are:(More)
Testing is the process of finding errors in a system or its component. It runs a system in order to find gaps or bugs. It also checks that system is fulfilling its requirement or not. During execution of software testing randomized algorithm is used to generate test cases. It generates random number of choices during test cases execution to produce a(More)
— Low power VLSI circuits became very vital criteria for designing the energy efficient electronic designs for prime performance and compact devices. Multipliers play a very important role for planning energy economical processors that decides the potency of the processor. To scale back the facility consumption of multiplier factor booth coding methodology(More)
Testing of embedded devices is a big challenge in a changing and competitive technical environment, as testing of one embedded application is not similar to another. For testing of embedded system generic middleware, device driver and operating systems are required and ruled over target hardware for the execution. Companies developing products based on(More)
Target based testing ina embedded system is a complex and difficult task. This paper, in the perspective of software solution, presents a generic API for testing the target embedded system. Companies developing products based on embedded systems understand the fact high quality and unique application software plays an important role in the differentiation(More)
Testing of Embedded system have always faced numerous problems with complex architecture of software and hardware combinations. Rapidly growing energy and battery consumption demands of mobile phones are not accomplished with advances in battery technology. Energy consumption is an important issue in android devices for mobile devices having advanced(More)