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Bangladesh is a country with a high frequency of earthquakes. Since the country lies at the junction of three tectonic plates, the intensity of earthquakes felt in this region is moderate. Surprisingly, the number of deaths and financial loss in this region by earthquakes is not due to building crashes or being crushed under homes. Rather, major reasons of(More)
Presence or personal status information is going to be an integral part of human life in the near future. With the possibility of personalizing user preferences in a fine grained way, mobile presence will appeal to most users. Among all the advantages, one of the most annoying problems is to set the presence status manually each time. This paper discusses(More)
This paper introduces a bomb disposal robot named Muktibot that is based on user-friendly smart technology. The Muktibot is controlled via smartphone android app. Radio transmitter option is also available in case of user demand. Muktibot is build and functioned in replace of human to save their life in bomb disposal mission. Special design features is(More)
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