Swapnil Pande

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Biological fixation between the dental implant surfaces and jaw bones should be considered a prerequisite for the long-term success of implant-supported prostheses. The implant surface modifications gained an important and decisive place in implant research over the last years. Nowadays, a large number of implant types with a great variety of surface(More)
Charcoal rot of sorghum causedby the fungus ~acrophorfdna phaseolina is a root andstalk rot disease of great destructive potential in most sorghum-growing regions. Improved, highyielding cultivars under good management tend to be very susceptible to the disease. M. phaseolina is a common soilborne, nonaggressive, and plurivorous pathogen that attacks plants(More)
Fabrication of implant supported prosthesis requires precise transfer of the intraoral structures and the implant components to the plaster model. With the increase in the number of implant systems, impression making procedures also increased depending on each system. This article summarizes and describes the procedures and factors that affect adequate(More)
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