Swapna Gottipati

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Community Question Answering (CQA) websites, where people share expertise on open platforms, have become large repositories of valuable knowledge. To bring the best value out of these knowledge repositories, it is critically important for CQA services to know how to find the right experts, retrieve archived similar questions and recommend best answers to(More)
Online software forums provide a huge amount of valuable content. Developers and users often ask questions and receive answers from such forums. The availability of a vast amount of thread discussions in forums provides ample opportunities for knowledge acquisition and summarization. For a given search query, current search engines use traditional(More)
We explore Debatepedia, a communityauthored encyclopedia of sociopolitical debates, as evidence for inferring a lowdimensional, human-interpretable representation in the domain of issues and positions. We introduce a generative model positing latent topics and cross-cutting positions that gives special treatment to person mentions and opinion words. We(More)
Predicting users political party in social media has important impacts on many real world applications such as targeted advertising, recommendation and personalization. Several political research studies on it indicate that political parties’ ideological beliefs on sociopolitical issues may influence the users political leaning. In our work, we exploit(More)
Most social networking platforms protect user's private information by limiting access to it to a small group of members, typically friends of the user, while allowing (virtually) everyone's access to the user's public data. In this paper, we exploit public data available on Facebook to infer users' undisclosed interests on their profile pages. In(More)
Entity linking task is a process of linking the named entity within the unstructured text, to the entity in the Knowledge Base. Entity liking to the relevant knowledge is useful in various information extraction and natural language processing applications that improve the user experiences such as search, summarization and so on. We propose the two way(More)
As new instruments are developed, it is becoming clear that our ability to generate data is rapidly outstripping our ability to transmit this data. The Advanced Baseline Imager (ABI), that is currently being developed as the future imager on the Geostationary Environmental Satellite (GOES-R) series, will offer more spectral bands, higher spatial resolution,(More)
Online user comments contain valuable user opinions. Comments vary greatly in quality and detecting high quality comments is a subtask of opinion mining and summarization research. Finding attentive comments that provide some reasoning is highly valuable in understanding the user’s opinion particularly in sociopolitical opinion mining and aids policy(More)