Swapna Devi

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In this paper area efficient and cost effective techniques for design of pulse shaping filter have been presented to improve the computational and implementation complexity. Pulse shaping filters have been designed and implemented by using Raised cosine filter, Nyquist filter and optimized half band filters for software defined radio (SDR) based wireless(More)
In this paper an optimized hardware co-simulation approach is presented to design & implement GSM based digital down convertor for Software Defined Radios. The proposed DDC is implemented using optimal equiripple technique to reduce the resource requirement. A computationally efficient polyphase decomposition structure is used to improve the hardware(More)
In this paper a hybrid approach is presented to design and implement a GSM digital down convertor for enhanced resource utilization. The proposed DDC has been implemented by hybridizing the multiplier less and multiplier based decimators. A multiplier less CIC decimator has been used to reduce the cost by reducing the multiplier requirement. Two(More)
The quality of biomedical images can be enhanced by using several transformations reported in the literature. The enhanced images may be useful to extract the exact information from these scans. In recent times, researchers exploited various mathematical models to smoothen and enhance the quality of the biomedical images with an objective to extract maximum(More)