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w w w . i j e c t . o r g 66 InternatIonal Journal of electronIcs & communIcatIon technology Abstract Image segmentation is the process of partitioning an image into multiple segments, so as to change the representation of an image into something that is more meaningful and easier to analyze. Several general-purpose algorithms and techniques have been(More)
During the acquisition of Electrocardiogram Signals (ECG), various interferences distort the signal. Adaptive filters have been widely used as noise cancellers. Traditional optimization techniques have been very popular because of their advantages. Least Mean Square (LMS) is a traditional optimization technique which is gradient based. This method converges(More)
The quality of biomedical images can be enhanced by using several transformations reported in the literature. The enhanced images may be useful to extract the exact information from these scans. In recent times, researchers exploited various mathematical models to smoothen and enhance the quality of the biomedical images with an objective to extract maximum(More)
A stacked notched rectangular microstrip patch antenna for WLAN applications has been presented in this paper. The desired band is obtained by tuning the dimensions of notches and size of the stacked driven and parasitic patches. The same aspect ratio is maintained for both the patches and their respective notches. The bandwidth and gain of this antenna is(More)
A planar magnetoinductive (MI) waveguide loaded rectangular microstrip patch antenna is presented and discussed. The MI waveguide consists of two planar metamaterial split squared ring resonators (SSRRs) placed in between two microstrip lines. The backward wave propagation takes place through this structure. The rectangular microstrip patch antenna is(More)
Memetic Algorithm is a metaheuristic search method. It is based on both the natural evolution and individual learning with information transmission among them. In the present paper, Genetic Algorithm, due to its good exploration capability is taken as main algorithm and chemotaxis mechanism of Bacterial Foraging Optimization (BFO) is used as local search.(More)