Swapan Konar

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The adiabatic parameter dynamics of solitons, due to fifth order KdV-type equations with power law nonlinearity, is obtained with the aid of soliton perturbation theory. In addition, the small change in the velocity of the soliton, in the presence of perturbation terms, is also determined in this work. c © 2007 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
In this paper we present the soliton dynamics in a two port fiber nonlinear directional coupler with periodically modulated dispersion and coupling constant dispersion that arose due to the intermodal dispersion between symmetric and antisymmetric modes of the coupler. The fiber material possessed cubic quintic nonlinearity. The influences of the coupling(More)
The intra-channel collision of optical solitons, with dual-power law nonlinearity, is studied in this paper by the aid of quasi-particle theory. The perturbation terms that are considered in this paper are of Hamil-tonian type. The suppression of soliton-soliton interaction, in presence of these perturbation terms, is acheived. The numerical simulations(More)
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