Swapan Chattopadhyay

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† Participant of the Study Group and non-member of the Muon Collider and Neutrino Factory Collaboration. The concept of using a muon storage ring to provide a well characterized beam of muon and electron neutrinos (a Neutrino Factory) has been under study for a number of years now at various laboratories throughout the world. The physics program of a(More)
In a Maxwellian view, an accelerator of charged particles converts electromagnetic field energy into mechanical energy of the particles. A conventional accelerator based on a resonant cavity emphasizes interference between the drive fields and the the spontaneous radiation fields (those fields radiated when charged particles pass through an otherwise empty(More)
In nineteen ninety-seven and ninety-eight, we have been witnessing further expansion—in breadth, depth and scope—of the Center's research and development activities. Our primary role in the genesis of PEP-II, the energy-asymmetric B-meson factory at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, has since evolved into a major collaborative construction project.(More)
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