Swanhild Bernstein

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  • Y W I L L I A M Wang, S Bernstein, Vi-B, V Vizb, T R L
  • 2004
In this paper we consid~r the des~gn of robust controllers with closed-loop poles constrained to lie in specified regions in the left half complex plane The paper focuses In part~cular on hyperbolic and horizontal strip regions The hyperbolic region places a lower bound on the damping ratio whereas the horizontal strip region places an upper bound on the(More)
We consider a one-dimensional Radon transform on the group SO(3) which is motivated by texture goniometry. In particular we will derive several inversion formulae and compare them with the inversion of the one-dimensional spherical Radon transform on S 3 for even functions. Acknowledgement The support by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft is greatly(More)
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