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The design of recommender systems for various domains has been proposed based on the nature inspired algorithms. In this paper attempt is made to propose a Nature Inspired Algorithms based architecture for recommender system for web based learning environments. The paper also compares between the traditional recommender systems and the nature inspired(More)
In real-time systems, the basic criteria are to satisfy both timeliness and correctness of real-time solutions. The former requirement is controlled by both resource and task scheduling at operating system level whereas the latter is achieved at language level. The efficiency of a scheduling strategy depends upon several factors such as hardware(More)
Until now, the design of operating systems assumed the kernel as an extension of a single processor's physical layer supporting user processes in the one cpu. The present multiprocessor operating systems duplicate this set-up in multiple cpus in order to reduce complex inter-processor communication. Since the functions of a kernel in both a uniprocessor and(More)
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